Tuesday, September 16, 2008

tell no one

m is the afs liason for a french exchange student named nathalie, which means that he is her contact person for any issues that come up with her host family, her school, or really anything else she feels like talking about. he'll meet up with her at least once a month. last night, m, boo, and i took nathalie to the movies to see un film francais. we figured it might be a nice break for her to listen to some people speaking her own language for a couple of hours, and i think it really was! when the movie was over, she said, "oh! i am in france now!" nathalie is a really sweet girl, and although i know she doesn't feel like she has a great grasp of english, she communicates very well. it is such a strange parallel to having bean living out a similar situation in germany. one thing nathalie emphasized is just how physically and mentally exhausting it is to speak and listen to english all day long in school -- she's pretty much ready to go to sleep when she comes home in the afternoon.

oh, and the movie was good, too -- a little tidy at the end for my taste, but plenty of great suspenseful twists along the way.

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Anonymous said...

She couldn't have a better liaison famille! I made that mistake honestly so I'm not going to change it!