Friday, September 05, 2008

meine bohne

(unless i'm much mistaken, that means "my bean" in german. by the way.)

m and i were thrilled yesterday to receive a brief email from bean in washington, d.c. it sounds like her orientation has been pretty fun, and she had a great conversation with joleen in congressman tom allen's office on wednesday. she referred to hearing many speakers in "the ballroom," great food, a nice emo girl from ellsworth, and the complete absence, so far, of homesickness. mostly, she sounded incredibly eager to get to germany. right at this moment, she is probably going through customs at the airport; her flight takes off around five this evening. when we wake up tomorrow, we'll know she's in germany!

today m spoke to bean's host mom on the phone. he said she sounded so friendly and excited to meet our girl.

school, day two, report: boo likes algebra! i sent, like, the best lunch ever today: inari sushi, cantaloupe balls, and chocolate milk. he is getting ready (after his daily snack of ramen) to go be a mother's helper for our friend eva. playing with elliot for a couple of hours is his idea of a dream job.

*i had to go through this post and change about a million exclamation marks to periods. i'm such a spaz.

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Adam said...

There's nothing wrong with exclamation marks! But I do have to edit them out of my prose, too.