Thursday, September 25, 2008

bean in deutschland

i haven't written much here about how she's doing in germany, because i want to let her record that herself, on her own blog and flickr page. but for those who are wondering, she's been gone not quite three weeks and has made it through much homesickness and culture shock and getting lost with the help of possibly the best host family ever. they have been sweet and sympathetic and patient and nurturing, from my perspective, and i know she feels safe and at home with them. she is also starting to venture out into her surroundings, both bucolic (her home is on the edge of the black forest, amid pretty fields and a charming village) and urban (she takes daily german classes in karlsruhe, which she has started to explore and is growing to love).

as far as us, her birth family, we are trying to restrain ourselves from too much communication (to help her assimilate and not feel too homesick). i feel like we're entering a new phase of bean-lessness now; i think now she's been gone longer than she's ever left us before, so there's no fooling ourselves that she's just visiting her grandparents or something like that. and while i miss her all the time, my excitement about her adventure always far exceeds my sadness at not having her with me. so here's my routine:

* rosetta stone german lessons, ja!

* ten minutes of meditating every night. unless i forget, which i do sometimes.

* going to the gym. i'm aiming for three times a week right now, working my way back to daily.

* succumbing to autumnal comfort foods (like pot pie, cassoulet, and last night a scrumptious chocolate bread pudding, mmm...)

* taking over more milo in maine duties, for example i should soon be able to create invoices all by my own self.

* wednesday project runway parties with artemis.

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