Thursday, August 28, 2008

room full o' democrats, part three

i shirked my duties last night, as the convention was preempted in my house by project runway. thus, while i did watch most of bill's speech (except for the part where i was talking to my bruddy on the phone), i totally missed joe biden and the surprise appearance of barack obama. here are my astute thoughts on bill clinton:

*hillary's reaction shots were not nearly as cheesy as bill's were the night before.

*he did an excellent job of repressing his fury.

*why did they play chain of fools in the lead-up to his intro? i don't get it.

*that announcer lady ("from the state of nevada, senator HARRY REID!") is just wrong in so many ways.

*he started right off saying the words "barack obama" in his very first sentence. well, the first one after he exhorted his fans to sit down and shut up. and then he repeated those words many many times. despite how much it may have pained him to do so.

*i liked his silvery-blue tie.

*i missed a lot of his speech. cause i was talking to my bruddy.

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