Sunday, August 31, 2008

free advice

one of my favorite things about baltimore (among many many weird details) was the free advice man who stood outside louie's bookstore cafe with a sign that said "free advice."

so here's my advice thus far on how to cope when your child moves to another continent, as of day one (although she's actually just in the car with m somewhere in connecticut right about now, so who am i to offer advice on the subject?):

*get misty-eyed saying goodbye, but only slightly (cry much harder when watching the birth scene in juno later).

*bake a dozen chocolate chip cookies and eat seven of them.

*stay up til 2am reading mystery novels.


Anonymous said...

You forgot "Start buying little things to send to her and her German family in a Christmas or care package."

Anonymous said...

This might seem off-topic, but that means there were five chocolate chip cookies left today that I could have eaten had you not hidden them...or did you eat them for breakfast?

Liz Woodbury said...

see, mama d, you could give GOOD advice in a situation like this! you wouldn't even have to give it for free, i bet.

my boy helped me with the cookies. otherwise, i might have eaten all twelve.