Monday, August 04, 2008

brideshead revisited

so, m and i went to see brideshead revisited yesterday while boo hung out with leander. it was only okay, perfectly lovely to look at, but a little yawny in places. especially after emma thompson's character died (i just love emma thompson's crooked teeth!), i kept having songs from dr. horrible sneak into my brain and distract me. it was fun to see a movie with m, though, and we even splurged on lattes at arabica afterward.

bean spent the weekend with her pop on long beach island, where she got to say her pre-germany farewells to a, j, robot and pink. the countdown has begun -- less than one month until she leaves for washington d.c., and she flies to frankfurt exactly one month from tomorrow...

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Anonymous said...

I would have warned you off Brideshead, but I was too busy yawning in the aftermath.