Sunday, July 06, 2008


boo and i went to see wall-e last night, and i LOVED it (so did boo. it was his second viewing, actually). i think it might be my favorite pixar movie so far, and it's definitely in my top three. wall-e is adorable, the story is fantastic, and i loved the references to other movies (i'm sure there were more than i even noticed, but my list includes 2001: a space odyssey; star wars; and titanic). it's kind of dark and serious for a kids' movie, and almost tragically timely. it made me cry.

bean is visiting my mom and dad in cambridge right now -- she'll be back in time for her german class on wednesday, but in the meantime she's getting some serious mana and pop time. boo, meanwhile, has been kicking around his new soccer ball (it's euro cup-style, i think, purchased while he and m were in new york last week) with his new soccer cleats (purchased by moi at goodwill, $2.99!). also, this exchange:

boo: mom, will you get me some orange juice?
me: okay (grabbing his water glass).
boo: will you get me a different glass? cause i put my toe in that one.


Artemis said...

hahaha!! That movie was adorable!!! If it was anything it was downright cute! especially the TV 13 people in the beginning that made ME cry....but not for a good reason....

Anonymous said...

Good old Isaac, always putting his toes in things