Sunday, June 29, 2008

zombie kickball

today was our friend matt's birthday, so we met him, heather, nick and ava (along with other friends mitchell, landis, pie and lulu) at local 188 for brunch, then headed home to apply zombie makeup to boo, nick and ava.

zombie kickball was awesome! as you can see above, it was pretty dangerous for us humans -- there must have been at least fifty zombies there. below, nick and boo look extremely undead:

see nick running the bases? i think he earned the title of "cutest, littlest zombie of all."

some random zombies -- i loved the two "tourist zombies" with their maps and tourist outfits:

zombie group picture -- the only thing better would have been a zombie group hug:

two zombies formerly known as boo and ava:

bean, meanwhile, was at an irish pub watching the euro cup with her friend rafaela. we cramped her style a little bit by showing up for the second half of the match. most of the crowd was clearly rooting for spain (as were boo and rafaela), but the rest of us were hoping for a german win.

below, bean and rafaela. bean's happy look is deceptive -- spain won.

below, m and matt peek around the corner at the television.

and the perfect ending to this great day is that the amazing ms.hannah barnes is coming over for dinner.

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