Friday, June 20, 2008

tasha tudor, 1915-2008

(image copyright the new york times)

i was very sad to learn that tasha tudor died on wednesday, although she did live to the age of 92, and she did it with an eccentric style. i loved her books when i was little (especially the ones featuring her dolls and her amazing dollhouse), and i still love watching her two quirky videos, take joy and take peace. take peace is subtitled "a corgi cottage christmas," and it's like a dream of a picture-perfect old fashioned christmas -- she cuts her own tree from the woods, lights it only once with real candles, handmakes every single gift, including gifts for the dolls that live in her beautiful dollhouse. she really seemed to live a charmed and magical life from some other century, walking barefoot through her gorgeous vermont perennial gardens in her long dresses (well into her '80s), corgis scampering along behind her...

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Anonymous said...

oh, i'm so sad.