Thursday, June 26, 2008

boo and bean

(that sounds like the title of a joanna newsom song.)

did i mention that i chopped off bean's hair this week? she made me do it!

it looks pretty adorable. note the hat, which she whipped up the other day. as in, she knitted it in, like, a day.

next time you see her, ask her to tell you the story of g.g.'s bright smile:

oh, okay -- i'll give you the basic idea: this guy tried to sell her some grills. for her teeth. "no scams, ma'am," he said repeatedly. i think it's funny that he'd try really hard to sell tooth decor to a fifteen year-old white girl.

boo also had a funny/weird encounter this week on the four-square court. court? what do you call the place where you play four-square? the squares? anyway, i was proud of him.


Mary said...

these are great ! was boo foursquare kid # 3 ? I'm so proud !

Liz Woodbury said...

yes, indeed.