Sunday, May 04, 2008


it rained.

i have pictures from my weekend, but something's up -- the hard drive is upstairs, with the other computer. i don't understand, but i accept m's explanation and assurance that he'll fix things soon so that i can do my usual activities on the downstairs computer.

boo accepted his honorable mention award and read his poems at a ceremony at the library on saturday (pictures and poetry coming soon). he won a gift card to starbucks, which he used right away (on a caramel frappuccino and madeleines). last night i went on another dancer lady-inspired adventure, to an auction and dance party extravaganza benefitting bean's high school. thanks to mama d, i didn't even have to buy a ticket (thank you so much, m.d.!). the highlight of the evening was definitely watching a certain principal and his wife dancing up a storm to loud rockabilly.

in other weekend news, my mom said really bad words about hillary clinton!!! when i told the dancer about it, she said, "yeah, that's pretty much how i feel about her too."

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Mary said...

well, at least I'm relieved that there is no link to a video of me stamping my foot with steam coming out of my ears.....!
congratulations to the Poet !