Thursday, March 20, 2008

up to

watching: last night, we watched run, lola, run (bean watched it a couple of weeks ago in north carolina, and m and i saw it a few years ago, but we thought artemis and boo would enjoy it); today, as i stitched me wee shirts, i watched episode two of top chef: chicago. i love top chef, although i would never eat 75 percent of the food made on it (for ethical and animal-lovin' reasons). i was unreasonably incensed that valerie kept referring to the blinis she made as bellinis. therefore, i was delighted to see her kicked off the show. score one for the grammar/pronunciation police. although that's not why she was kicked off.

drinking: kombucha, mmmmmm.

listening: deutsche welle radio. herr somebody is speaking in german.


Artemis said...

really good movie, i recommend it!!

Anonymous said...

HA! I watched that movie too, a few years ago, and somehow ended up with a badly dubbed version, instead of subtitles. It was silly/surreal.

Dancer Lady