Sunday, March 09, 2008

spring forward

it was kind of pretty today -- the sun came out, things were all melty. the breeze a-blowin' felt icy, but i got out a bit anyway. dancer and i walked from her house to pat's for brunch (i had steel-cut oats with carmelly apple slices, mmm), and i took minnow for a fairly long walk. i generally hate springing forward, but the light was so gorgeous today that it didn't seem so bad. i'm sure i'll feel different tomorrow morning at seven, though.

yes, seven! because my bean's out of town for a long weekend -- the only plus to not having her around is getting to sleep a little later. she is having a blast in north carolina. now, inspired by her, i present what i'm...

eating: brown rice stir-fried with the veggies i found in the fridge (broccoli, carrots, mushrooms, plus some sliced almonds on top).

drinking: water.

watching: nothing at the moment, but we took boo and leander to see there will be blood last night. and guess what? THERE WAS. my general impressions of the movie were: it was amazing; it was dirty -- oil and dirt and dust and blood everywhere; and the musical score was the most intense, almost overwhelming thing about it.

reading: jonathan strange and mr. norrell. i am short on books and i've been raiding other family members' bookshelves. i'm enjoying this so far, and it's nice and fat.

listening to: usually either daft punk or lcd sound system singing about daft punk. boo's often in charge of itunes.

bean comes home on tuesday, yay!

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margot said...

"usually either daft punk or lcd soundsystem singing about daft punk." that is funny.