Sunday, March 23, 2008


happy easter from another kansas city bunny and me! we observe this holiday in a pretty pagan way around here -- the easter bunny drops by, leaves a couple of baskets by bedsides, and that's about it. it's such a gorgeous, sunny day that i'm hoping for a walk later (or even a drive) in the early spring sunshine/late winter wind.

here are the remains of the easter "baskets," once again assembled in two cool square plates. that clever easter bunny! our collection of my favorite plates is expanding thanks to him.

and here are the contents of bean's basket/plate:

looks like she got some bunny straws, a bull moose gift certificate, candy, playdough eggs, lavender shower gel, and a chocolate mint bar. lucky girl! boo's basket included a simpsons comic and a zombie comic. cause, you know, when you think of easter, you think of...zombies.


Artemis said...

wait a second...I thought it was a chocolate bell!

Liz Woodbury said...

oh yeah! it flew in from rome, and brought of the chocolate.