Wednesday, November 14, 2007

gettin interpersonal

my favorite ils student noted his discovery of the journal of computer-mediated communication (hee hee -- don't know why, but that title makes me giggle almost as much as the fact that he's taking an entire grad-school class in second life). i like this:

"Nowson, Oberlander, and Gill (2005) conducted one of the very few studies exploring individual differences and blogs by analyzing the linguistic context and formality of blog content. They found that blog content is generally more formal than email; moreover, female bloggers are generally more prolific writers and are more likely to employ a contextually-dependent style of writing. The researchers also explored the relationship between blog content and personality, noting in particular that agreeableness—the tendency to be cooperative, trusting, and flexible—correlates with a more formal blog writing style" (from "Writing for Friends and Family: The Interpersonal Nature of Blogs," by Michael A. Stefanone and Chyng-Yang Jang).

i miss that grad-school-speak! i think the style of my blog is a bit informal. does this translate to my being less agreeable? food for thought...

m and bean are in ny (yes, ny, rhymes with "why") for bean's annual birthday trip, and boo and i are having fun on our own. last night i had two snuffly, itchy boys in bed with me (one human, one canine). boo has a little bit of a cold today, but he's determined to visit miyake tonight for a spicy crunchy inari roll and some kitsune udon. i went to my warehouse job today and will go back either tomorrow or friday, using the other day to stitch like crazy. by the way, bean turns 15 in five days!!


Artemis said...

today i miscounted her age and thought she was turning 16 and almost died...haha

Liz Woodbury said...

hey, m and i realized that his mom (aka grandma nancy) got married when she was SEVENTEEN FLIPPIN YEARS OLD. he thinks. or eighteen. either way, wow!