Friday, October 05, 2007

the latest

bean and boo are off to cambridge this weekend for a visit with their mana and pop. this will be boo's first parent-free bus trip. i hope the movie on the bus is an improvement over the last one i watched, which was back to school starring the (okay, speaking ill of the dead now) hideously bug-eyed horrorfest which is rodney dangerfield. and yes, i watched the whole horrible thing.

meanwhile, back on the chickenless ranch, m and i will be insulating and drywalling the garage! anyone who's in the neighborhood and craving interaction with that scratchy pink insulation is welcome to come by. actually, i don't know if we're using that scratchy pink insulation or some more modern kind. either way, it's bound to be a lot of fun!


boo is currently taking scottish dance and acting classes. he is a simpsons fanatic. bean is still playing the piano (currently, chopin and yann tiersen)and taking a modern dance class. she will start guitar-lessons-with-chad any week now, and in october she'll also start a film making class and reporting for the local youth-run documentary radio program. m has a new bike, and he rides it sometimes! he and bean drove up to camden last weekend and climbed a mountain (not mt batty, one adjacent to it). i walk a nervous dog round the block (as soon as he poops, he's ready to go home. there are scary noises in the world), go to the gym every day, perfect my soy latte art, read when i should be sewing, sew when i should be moving the laundry along, and shop online for land in remote areas of maine when i should be doing anything else. i also baked the best pumpkin muffins in the history of the universe last week.

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