Sunday, October 07, 2007

apple pickin

apple picking, at thompson's orchard, on friday afternoon. ahhh. it smelled so good there, and it was warm and sunny and cozy in the orchard. we wanted to pitch a tent and live there! we bought cider and i baked an apple crisp that night.

change of plans this weekend: boo opted to stay home and help with the garage (so far, that's meant just staying out of the way while m and i ripped boards out of the ceiling and re-rigged the garage door. it's a long story). now m's off to buy the 200+/- square feet of insulation (yay, it's the pink kind!). bean is enjoying a weekend of luxury with mana and pop. there's a very autumnal breeze blowing in through the open garage door.

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Artemis said...

how cunnin'