Sunday, September 23, 2007

the saddest song in the world

The Magnetic Fields : I Looked All Over Town

I wandered in these big blue shoes,
till we had nothing left to lose.
Nobody wants you when you're a circus clown.
I should know.
I looked all over town.

I guess folks just don't like my face.
They make out like I'm some disgrace.
But nothing's gonna change this painted frown.
And I know.
I looked all over town.

Maybe somewhere I could be free.
Somewhere they won't throw rocks at me.
Somewhere this crazy hair could be my crown.
But all my life,
I've looked all over town.

So whistling this circus tune,
I inflated one more balloon.
And as I floated up I looked straight down.
And I looked all over town.

One last time.
I looked all over town.

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