Thursday, September 13, 2007

bad blogger, BAD blogger!

i'm pretty sure that one of the cardinal sins of blogging is apologizing for slacking off on the blog entries, so i won't waste any time on that.

but i will add that i've been earning my keep this week, helping my friend heather in her warehouse. i pretty much loved this gig (to be repeated when her company hits another busy spot), which satisfied my deepest OCD urges to sort and organize and count. m is temporarily employed there, too, about 3/4 time while he continues his job hunt.

this news makes me equally sad and angry.

much less importantly, i had an adventure this morning! gee whiz, what fun! i got in the car to drive bean to her bus stop, and we made it about 1/2 mile down the road (okay, maybe only 1/4 mile) before we heard a loud and decisive thump/floppy floppy sound from beneath scooby's belly. it was then that i noticed that my foot's pressure on the gas pedal wasn't making the car move forward any faster -- and so, we drifted to the curb, gracefully, and stopped.

quick as a flash, thanks to modern cell phone technology, mama d flew to zoe's rescue and whisked her off to school right on time. nearly as quickly, the guy from aaa arrived and took scooby off to the car emergency room, leaving me, in my pajamas, to walk the 1/2 mile (or, more likely, 1/4 mile) back home.

and our temporary employers, heather and matt, drove down from yarmouth, picked us up, and delivered us to the brunswick warehouse. then, because they are incredibly kind people, they loaned us (not for the first time, i might add) a car. now we sit with fingers and toes crossed, hoping for good news from the car hospital.


Artemis said...

thump floppy floppy!!!!!

Mary said...

ooh, so sorry about scooby - & your pj clad sad journey home......

can't even bear to think about iraq. Paul Krugman had an interesting interpretation of why Bush is suddenly embracing the comparison to Viet Nam in today's NYT & it is NOT encouraging........