Friday, August 10, 2007

je t'aime

bean and i went to see paris je t'aime at the movies with dancer lady and artemis a few days ago, and it was wonderful -- 18 short films about paris. we're preparing for our quebecois adventure this coming weekend!

this lady is really scared of clowns. watch the whole thing, and tell me if you don't feel a little bit sorry for "mr. giggles."

the latest from my dreamworld: last night the most boring dream ever, that i was spraying ramekins with cooking spray. when i woke up, there was a weird bird outside the window making a sound spray.


David said...

i don't like clowns myself but that is pretty extreme!

Mary said...

I thought it was a little obscene to show this poor woman having a panic attack on youtube. Do you think this was actually done in professional circumstances??! of course, i don't see much tv. maybe this is par for the course? really creeped me out. i think i'd rather watch a meth addict with a chain saw on "intervention"

Liz Woodbury said...

i get the feeling it was part of a documentary -- i'm sure within whatever the original context, it didn't seem quite so horrible. although i do agree that it's awful to watch. still, is there not something fascinating about the fact that the object of her anxiety is a clown??