Sunday, July 01, 2007

well, hello!

and welcome to my yard. here's minnow on the famous orange deck. we've been buying plants at the saturday farmers' market weekly to put in pots. we're going for 1) cheap and 2) bugs don't like 'em, so we have lots of herbs and marigolds. also, ever since monsoon wedding i've been pretty much in love with marigolds.

famous orange deck:

last night we attended a somewhat impromptu birthday celebration for boo's friend leander at a new restaurant, miyake. if there's one thing this town doesn't need, it's yet another japanese restaurant (or burrito place), but miyake is wonderful. it's intimate and neighborhoody, decorated entirely in (very tasteful) ikea, serves delicious food and has a really friendly feel. one of the highlights of the night (for me, anyway) was the opportunity to fondle another diner's iphone. but probably the most fun was getting the chance to tour our friend megan's art studio and get a look at her letterpress, works in progress, and these absolutely stunning tableture pieces which she makes with handmade paper, an exacto knife, and wax.


Anonymous said...

Happy b-day!

Mary said...

Your patio is perfectly lovely ! And even though I know how you achieved the special effect, Minnow is certainly a handsome host ! I can't wait to come visit ! (she exclaimed)