Wednesday, July 11, 2007

books books books

i've been soaking up books lately -- anything i can find, including the books on boo and bean's summer reading lists. i already need to go back to the library, and quick! see librarything for specifics. i also managed to watch two movies this week which i cleverly recorded on my tee-vee: happy endings (yes, finally, mom!) and the puffy chair. a certain someone has been telling me to see happy endings for a long time, and she was right about how amazing it was. i knew i'd love maggie gyllenhal in it, since i just adore her, but now i love lisa kudrow just as much. next i really will start renting her hbo series, the comeback (i promise, mom!). the puffy chair was on my list for some reason: maybe last year's independent spirit awards? anyway, it's extremely indie, but the acting in it is great, and it's a nice little story.

hey, bean came back from kansas! i'll let her tell the stories and post the pictures. she had a great time, and she was fabulously spoiled by aunt sooze and uncle chuck (among many other relatives). it's very nice to have her back. she's started a new knitting project, inspired by ellen, and yesterday we paid a visit to a thousand year-old man who was working at central yarn shop, and who rang up our purchases as costing $195.90 instead of $19.59. he was sweet and chatty, but he kept fetching us the wrong needles, etc. actually, he wasn't a thousand years old, but he did open the shop in the 1940's.


Michael said...

did you find cass mcbride disturbing?

i need to pass Ann Patchett's new book on to you.

Liz Woodbury said...

yes, disturbing in a great way -- it was right up my alley, and a fun, quick read. but my favorite part was the cover photo!

i didn't even know ann patchett had a new book, and i LOVE LOVE LOVE her!

Mary said...

WHAT"S this about a new Ann Patchett!! & why wasn't I informed??! oh Boy, She is my JK Rowling (sp?)
I am so glad that you liked happy endings..was afraid I'd oversold your library link btw, can't wait to do it myself !

Michael said...

It's called Run and I really loved it. Liz, call me tomorrow (friday) if you want to borrow. Mary, will you be up here soon? if not, it will be doing a tour of Boston/Somerville at some point. i know my mom wants to read it too.