Saturday, July 28, 2007

beaucoup de tartes

i think that's how you'd say it. if not, i know my friend mama d will tell me les mots corrects. anyway, tonight was le 2nd jour de cuisine francais (yikes, i'm nearing the end of my comfort zone in french here). bean, artemis, and i made a tomato tart, a salad with vinaigrette, vegan vichyssoise, and for dessert a tarte tatin avec des peches. that's a total of deux tartes, by the way. trois, counting yesterday.

yeesh, i must be tired. i had a dream full of characters last night: our friends mitchell and landis were showing me their new house, which was contemporary (a mod box shape), but made out of "ancient stones." they gave me "mitchell's book" to read on a very old couch, but pages kept falling out of it. there were lots of photographs in it. then i was viewing the new house of james and liza cagney (james works at videoport and taught boo's film class at camp). it was a mansion -- i was amazed. "but, how..?" i queried, and james replied, "i got one of those hawaii home loans." i thought, i'd better look into those. then i was with homestar david, who was all excited about his new altruistic project, signing up a long list of people for fancy cable tv packages ("the lighthouse package, with hbo!") as a surprise. i didn't know how to break it to him that these people would all be receiving monthly bills for their fancy cable. then he wrote a bunch of instructions on my forearm, but i couldn't read any of them.

*this post has been hastily edited for frenchy correctness.


Anonymous said...

Beaucoup is always followed only by "de" even if you're talking about plural items. In my most recent weird dream, Char's harp teacher was showing me around her mansion, which was surrounded by acres of beautifully manicured lawns. When I asked how she kept the lawns like that, she said "Oh, I just do it myself--it's not a problem." And then she explained how her significant other needed to have bone fragments removed from his brain--at a hospital in Canada!--but she couldn't go along with him because she had to play a gig.

Liz Woodbury said...

oh la la la la, as m. troyan would say. i will amend the title of my post, just pretend that i got it right in the first place!

our dreams are oddly parallel.

Anonymous said...

bonne idee!!!