Wednesday, June 06, 2007

early bird

on school days, i get up at 5:30. am. my natural schedule is distressingly close to what it was when i was in college; given its way, my biological clock (the one that wakes me up in the morning) would have me staying up really late, arising at 9 or 10, and taking a nap around 3. however, i determined a long time ago that in order to have time to do everything i want and need to do in the morning, 5:30 is the magic hour. these items include:

*making the world's most fabulous lunches for my kids. notice i haven't been bragging about them much lately, but this is only due to the bad mojo on my picture-ma-phone.

*making myself a huge soy latte. make that a perfect huge soy latte, and then sitting and sipping it.

*writing in my blog if i can think of anything to say.

*reading other blogs, checking out what's happening locally, taking a peek at the new york times.

*sometimes unloading the dishwasher or throwing wet clothes in the dryer, especially if i'm out of underwear. actually, the dishwasher has nothing to do with my underwear.

*listening to the bbc world service. today i heard a piece on what various people eat for breakfast and how big a carbon footprint they have based how local their food is. my favorite bbc announcer is a vegetarian and has "muesli with soya milk." cute!

i was musing on the fact that next week is the last week of school for bean and boo, and how lovely it will be to sleep in a little bit. but i will miss the bbc very much. and early morning is the best time of the day in the summer. hmmm... to sleep in or not to sleep in?


Mary said...

just looking at your twitter & noting that you are STILL ceaning house.....boy, it must REALLY be dirty!

Liz Woodbury said...

the really sad thing is that so much time has gone by since i last twittered, that i AM cleaning my house again today!! guess i'll update twitter tomorrow...