Wednesday, May 23, 2007

what we're doing

1. wrapping up the clean-up and closing of cbb, including selling shelves and tables and bringing home the things we can use here. for example, the big school table which originally came from hall elementary school and at which the wifi users liked to park themselves all day will come live in our basement as our brand new gift-wrapping/craft table! once the largest things are out of the store space, we'll clean it like crazy. our landlord has been showing it to prospective tenants, but he has encouraged us to take our time clearing out of there.

2. keeping milo in maine chugging along -- i am finishing an order from little paper planes (what a great site! if you want to buy one of our shirts, consider ordering from there, because we'd like them to keep on placing orders from us).

3. m is actively looking for a job, and i am mentally looking for a job. meaning, i'm trying to figure out what it is i'm looking for, exactly -- part time, full time?

4. part of the reason this is a dilemma is that i'm mulling over what i'll do when i grow up. i am considering going back to school. more on this later!

5. throwing trash in our beloved dumpster. we have gone through stuff in our basement that's been sitting there untouched for eight long years, determining what to keep, throw away, or sell in our hypothetical yard sale. it feels so good to do this. i've found some treasures down there, including summer clothes of mine which i've been unable to locate for the last three summers; and many works of art by bean and boo from when they were really little -- i should scan some of them here. i found a drawing by a lion king-obsessed bean which was titled, "nala hangs some clothes on the clothesline." there's a whole series of lion families doing ordinary, everyday tasks. so cute!

6. getting ready to celebrate boo's eleventh birthday this weekend!

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