Thursday, May 10, 2007

low moment

i'll just describe one for you: m and i were in the-space-formerly-known-as a couple of days ago, just to grab a book fixture and bring it home (it's a tall, skinny one which fits nicely on a small wall beside our bedroom closet). for some reason, it was suddenly so depressing to be there -- the air felt weird, the place is empty and dirty. it's so much the opposite of when we were opening the store, painting the floor, putting down the carpet, bringing in the brand new shiny fixtures, counters, cafe equipment... anyway, we stuck the shelf in our car, sticking a little bit out the back of the hatchback, and i was carefully pulling out of the parking lot, when some office lady jumped into her minivan and threw it into reverse. i did some fancy maneuvering, chanted "jesus jesus jesus," and neglected to remember that my car has a horn. she did bump into us, but just barely scratched scooby's side (thanks to the aforementioned fancy maneuvers). m jumped out to check out the damage and told the office lady that it didn't look like anything was hurt. she said, "well, sorry, i guess. i mean, i guess it was my fault." and m, my hero, said, "oh yeah. it was definitely your fault."

and that's the end of my low moment story. see, it was just a moment, being depressed in the store space and then furious at all stupid people and humanity in general while in the parking lot. then we went home, installed our shelf in our room, and made soy lattes.


pixiegenne said...

that makes me like your husband :)

Liz Woodbury said...

me too!