Monday, May 21, 2007

another weekend

another fun-filled weekend, although this one was chilly and rainy (as it's been ever since david went home to north carolina). on friday night, we ate eritrean food at asmara with miss gliss and enoch, who is in town this week to work on bean's newest music video. saturday was boo's crazy-busy day: acting class, acting showcase, an afternoon ceilidh, and a women in harmony concert at which he read a poem (a beautiful poem about his hair). meanwhile, bean was drinking bubble tea and watching movies with her friends jukado and phoebe, and after that she and i got to watch artemis dancing with her upbeat feet dance company. on sunday, boo had another concert/poetry reading. and now, suddenly, it's monday morning. oh, we did also manage to fit in three episodes of the oc this weekend, too.

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