Tuesday, April 24, 2007

year of the dog

i forgot to mention that while i was in cambridge last week, mom and i went to see year of the dog at a special (free) preview screening courtesy of the boston vegetarian society. it was weird and wonderful! i want to take all my animal-loving friends to see it. it felt very mike white, but in a vegan sort of way. molly shannon is great in it. my favorite thing about it, though, was peter sarsgaard in shorts and a fanny pack.

i also neglected to say happy birthday on my blog to my bruddy, adam!


Anonymous said...

jill has been dying to see that movie, and it doesn't look to bad, i'm excited, maybe we could all hook up this sunday


Enoch said...

This is not a joke.

carrie said...

never heard of it. sounds great, tho!

Anonymous said...

Ii IS great!