Friday, April 27, 2007


m, bean and boo went to the last architalx talk last night, and then i picked them up and we decided to grab some cheap food. we were hoping to check out north star cafe, which is new and supposedly has lots of vegetarian stuff, but we were frightened away by the acoustic open mike goings on within. the other day, some random guy at the udder place (after recognizing me as "m's wife" and then talking for a very long time while i tried to escape with my soy latte), had told me that north star has all kind of nights -- open mike night, hip hop night -- it sounded like every night is assigned a special theme. i'm not sure how much actual plain old eating goes on there. i guess as a family, we like to keep our live music completely separate from our dining.

so, we went around the corner to silly's, which also has lots of vegetarian stuff and is always good for a (live music-free) sweet potato fry or two. m and i had chili, bean had pesto pasta, and boo had a little pizza. we shared the aforementioned fries. our food was fine, but our waitress inexplicably hated us. why? we're friendly and civilized and we're huge tippers! unless you're a mean waiter, that is.

in other news, the farm bill is truly evil. down with high fructose corn syrup!!

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