Thursday, March 29, 2007

sun market

i ran into sun market yesterday to buy tea bags for the store, and i couldn't resist buying this for m:

because it would be inappropriate for any other member of my immediate family. but i bought little boxes of strange korean candy for bean and boo.

mushroom candies! why are mushrooms so adorable? their stems are cracker-like (very similar to pocky, actually), and they are even vegan, although they look and taste like milk chocolate (thanks to good old palm kernel oil). these were for bean, and i got boo a box of kogepan candies, crispy little round crackery things with chocolate on the inside and tiny pictures of kogepan stamped on them. that's the character who is essentially a loaf of burnt bread. except i thought kogepan was japanese, and i know this candy was korean...hmm). my camera died before i could snap a (non-green) photo of boo's candy.

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