Saturday, March 24, 2007

for my friends

for all my friends who don't have cable but do have super-modern fast internet(s) connections: showtime is offering the first episode of this american life online! go watch it, friends!!

and don't pay any attention to what this crazy woman has to say about ira. she also declares that, "anyone who has ever ridden a bus or been to a dinner party knows that many, many people have no stories." wrong! hasn't she ever listened to story corps*? i firmly believe that there is no one in the world who doesn't have a story to tell. you just might not hear it on the bus or at the dinner party.

*confession: i can't listen to story corps stories without weeping.


Anonymous said...

thanks! heading to view it now!

Anonymous said...

i bring tissues in the car every friday morning.....!!!

Liz Woodbury said...

i'm so happy that you listen to it too, and that you cry just like i do!