Sunday, February 18, 2007


the weekend has already brought many exciting adventures, and it's only sunday morning. friday night bean hung out with artemis and flora, while boo did a little street funk dancing at his school and then ate at mesa verde with m, crazy girl, and dancer lady.

on saturday, boo spent the entire day shooting a movie with a local filmmaker. he was cast several months ago, but this is the first acting he's gotten to do so far. he had a great time, and got to wear a fabulous blue blazer, drink soda with a straw, and shoot cap guns (among a lot of other things).

in other news, in addition to the aforementioned blazer, look what i found at goodwill:

i think they're so purty, a robin's-egg blue color that reminds me of my grandmother (there are many soft blue/green shades that remind me of her).

(photo courtesy of boo)

last night, homestar david (in town for the weekend) and hannah came over for dinner, cranium, guitar hero, katamari damacy, cookies, and tea.


Anonymous said...

beautiful cups, lizzie, but are they fiestaware? many of the originals have LEAD GLAZE.....(sorry to be a downer, i hope they're not!)

Liz Woodbury said...

no, my research shows that fiestaware is colored on the inside as well as the outside, like a solid glaze all over; also it almost always has those ridges on it! also, i checked around online, and i can't find any photos that show fiestaware in this particular shape (handle shape, etc). thanks for protecting us from lead poisoning, though!

Anonymous said...

o good...have a cuppa tea for me in those fabulous new cups!!!!!