Saturday, February 03, 2007

i hope bad things happen in threes

what's wrong with this picture? no, it has nothing to do with the john kerry bumper sticker. ah ha! this car's missing a tail pipe!

here it is!

so, i was thinking that bad things happen in threes, and we were probably due for the third. and then the tailpipe fell off ace the acura while i was driving, resulting in a sound reminiscent of a harley convention as i drove through mama d's quiet neighborhood. but what would number three be exactly? would this be number three, or number four?

1. scooby doo refuses to start and is towed away
2. the furnace dies, spews smoke, on a cold night
3. the backup car starts falling apart

or, number three could be

3. the subaru dealership sucks, service-wise, and ultimately we are informed that we can expect scooby to be fixed by NEXT THURSDAY ("sure wish you could have the car out on the road for some weekend fun," the repair guys says, insincerely).

making number four

4. ace the acura starts falling apart.

DO bad things still happen in threes, or has that number been affected by inflation or global warming or something, and is it now, like twelve, or something?

*evening update: it's not looking good for ace. we are familiarizing ourselves with the metro bus routes!


Michael said...

i have heard threes.

damn Liz, that stinks. I hope you have 3 good things happen to you.

Artemis said...

aww im sorry for your misfortune

Liz Woodbury said...

thanks, guys! i'm thinking of moving to a tropical island where i could be naked all the time and walk everywhere, barefoot...

bob woodbury said...

Glad to see you have a plan, Liz. We'll come visit! -Pop

Liz Woodbury said...

oh good! no shoes required on my island. and no cars allowed.

Michael said...

leave Maine? why? wouldnt' you miss the long frigid winters? the crunchy sound of ice and sand under-foot?