Monday, February 12, 2007

congratulations, mom!

we went to cambridge to celebrate my mom's graduation from massage school on sunday. after a very lovely ceremony, there was a festive reception at which we got to meet most of her massage school friends (nearly all of whom recognized bean as the ukulele girl from the famous video).

here is mom, hanging with her main posse.

the day before that (that would be saturday), m, bean and boo took a stroll along newbury street, mostly so that boo could return to that fabulous museum of audio/video equipment, the b&o store. also, they had lunch at tealuxe, one of bean's favorite boston spots. meanwhile, mom and i went to the local yoga studio to watch a film:

i'm not sure why, but i had convinced myself that this was kind of an "easy to watch" animal rights-type film. but it started right off the bat with footage of baby chicks being sexed, separated, and then the males being tossed (alive) down a chute into a grinder. cause that's what they do with the male offspring of laying hens, since they're bred too small to be broilers, and they obviously can't lay eggs. call it propaganda if you'd like to, but these chicks were yellow and cute and fuzzy and making those little peeping noises that chicks make. they were EASTER chicks! anyway, there was a lot of interesting stuff about farm sanctuary, and a couple of former farmers who had reexamined their relationships with animals (eventually becoming vegetarians), and much of it was sincerely sweet and sad. there were many, many moments when both my mom and i had our hands over our eyes, though.

we were so glad we didn't bring any other family members with us, especially m and my dad!


charlotte said...

wow, congratulations to mary! all the cougars back home were rather perplexed to hear "i can't go to the dance because i'm going to my grandmother's massage school graduation" from margot.

also... i personally haven't eaten chicken since at least mid-december!

Liz Woodbury said...

yay, miss gliss! cheep, cheep, cheep!

margot should take a poll: how many cougars have grandmothers who are massage therapists?

Artemis said...


Michael said...

that is horrible. not your mom graduating. the poor little chicks.
I just do not understand this world.
congrats to your Mom.

Liz Woodbury said...

yeah, if there's a main reason i tend toward the veganish, it's cause eggs=dead baby chicks (not to mention miserable hens) and milk=veal calves (not to mention miserable cows).

Michael said...

it's so hard. While I do not eat eggs as part of a meal. I do use them in cooking and my kids like them. I think i am too repulsed by what they are to eat them alone. I feel the same way about milk but love love love cheese.
the milk = veal calves never dawned on my before. It's going to take a while for me to process that. :(

Anonymous said...

aw, thanks, lizziemarkzoeisaacminnow
it wouldn't have been such a festive weekend without you!!!! and, in retrospect, the weather wasn't bad at all, was it? and i didn't even know about the dance - i'm doubly honored.

jesse (from karma) was disappointed not to meet you, liz, said someone at the movie told him "it changed his life"