Saturday, January 06, 2007

wretched excess

as if we weren't already absolutely spoiled this christmas, the gifts continued to arrive this week. first, this 24-cupcake carrier (!) from my mom and dad:

(note: it is chock full of cupcakes, vanilla and chocolate with fudgy chocolate frosting, en route to cbb.)

and next, guitar hero two, sent to us by my bruddie:

(boo and bean rock!)

it comes with a second guitar-shaped controller, so one person can play the bass, or the two players can play lead or rhythm guitar. once i recovered from the plague (i was sick yesterday, achy and tired enough to fall asleep after driving bean to school and not wake up until 1:30 pm, just in time to pick her up at the bus stop), i washed my hands and made cupcakes, then played two songs on MEDIUM!


Anonymous said...

You rock, Spaghetti-oh! Hope you've recovered from your Friday illness.

When will we see some cupcakes in the mail?

Anonymous said...

that's what I'M sayin'!!!!!!