Wednesday, January 31, 2007


i'm feeling sad about barbaro.

(image courtesy of the cbc)

yesterday i would have added a few other items to my sad list: our broken furnace, spewing bad smells and making a noise like when you put a sneaker in the dryer; and our broken car, scooby-doo, which did not start even after m successfully installed a new starter, and was sadly towed away to the car doctor.

however, today is a new day, and the furnace is fixed. with any luck at all, scooby will be fixed by the end of the day and all will be well.

i am feeling happy about this big cup of tea i'm drinking and also about barack obama. this pretty much sums it up.

also, this phrase makes me happy: vegetarian is the new prius.


Anonymous said...

i'm so curious what "this" might be when clicking it causes my (school) computer to say...
Internet access to the requested website has been denied based on your user profile and organization's Internet Usage Policy.
Category:R Rated
Blocked URL:"

Liz Woodbury said...

that school of yours doesn't want anybody to have any fun! it's youtube, a clip from the daily show. check it out at home!

Jeannette said...

Please tell me Scooby will live!!

Mary said...

after watching this (very funny) daily show excerpt on youtube, i listened to my all time favorite ZWH posting & discovered a "video response", but it seems to be all sticky & doesn't want to play...maybe cause it's just inferior....there's a light is still quite lovely and acculmulating more raves

aka: mana

Liz Woodbury said...

scooby lives, although he's still at the doctor as of friday morning... he needs a new ignition-something-or-other.

margot said...

i love the vegetarian article. very convincing.