Wednesday, January 17, 2007

new magazines!

i love new magazines SO MUCH. i am savoring these (actually, i have no time to read them today, but that makes it that much better):

i'm not all that intrigued by the prospect of "10 things to do with tortillas" or "the skinny on sugar substitutes," but there are usually a few good recipes to be found in the pages of vegetarian times. bean is cooking one from last month's issue right at this very moment, in fact.

i love bust. and look, it's the love issue! hmm, i wonder what "farm girl fashion" is all about...

i saved the best, and smallest, for last. i adore the east village inky. i always try to make this one last as long as possible, especially since it only comes out four times a year.

(click on any of the pictures for more info)


Anonymous said...

boy, could i use 10 things to do with a tortilla! that's what's waiting for me at home this afternoon.....and an animal protein and not-enough-cheese and "i-don't-like-onions" and "yuck-is-this-SALSA?!" and some wilted salad products! welcome to thursday night at holly's house!

Liz Woodbury said...

holy smokes, that sounds like a carnivorous version of thursday night at MY house! i'll let you know what you can do with those tortillas after i read the article.

Jeannette said...

If there's an interesting tortilla soup receipe, I would love that. I've been craving tortilla soup, but don't know how to make it without chicken stock.