Saturday, December 16, 2006

holiday cheer

to lift your holiday spirits, check out this sweet monkey making fruitcake. although i hate fruitcake, this is a curiously fascinating and un-ironic montage of photographs of a stuffed monkey narrating the creation of a fruitcake. steps include: "at low speed, the fruit is gradually added until it is enrobed in the batter of perfection. it is any wonder the walnuts eagerly dive in too?"

my favorite fruitcake-related story is definitely a christmas memory. you must go to the this american life website and click on the 2003 archives, where you will find a show dated 12/19. there you can listen to truman capote read the entire story, and you will be filled with christmas cheer. and also, if you're anything like me, you can have the pleasure of nostalgic and bittersweet tears a-dripping down your cheeks at the very end.

in further news of holiday cheer, bean and i went with some friends last night to hear the edith jones project play their annual holiday concert. bean's friend jukado is taking upright bass lessons, so she was especially thrilled to experience an all-women big band (and to ogle the bass during intermission).

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Anonymous said...

P McD loves fruitcake more than anything else in the world! I think I will try to make this, although having to run back and forth to the computer so many times will be a challenge!