Wednesday, November 29, 2006


my mom gave me a couple of lovely squashes a little while ago. one was a perfect butternut squash, which ended up roasted with some potatotes, sweet potatoes, and carrots (and a little maple syrup, as i recall) last week. it was very tasty. the other was a truly adorable acorn squash, which i decided tonight had to be cooked up quick or else it would start to sag like an aging jack o' lantern.

figuring that everything tastes good curried, i cooked it the way i've cooked every other vegetable i know with great success: i sauteed some onions with garlic and fresh ginger, added some penzey's spices sweet curry powder (this is the really lazy way to cook indian-ish), added the laboriously peeled and chopped squash, cooked that around for a while, and then kind of simmered it in a little light coconut milk until tender. it tasted kind of BAD, to tell you the truth. kind of squarshy. i added a little salt, more curry powder, some green beans... nothing helped. m and i ate it anyway, while bean and boo had left over vegan fettuccine alfredo from last night. and i baked some absolutely perfect chocolate cupcakes to make myself feel better (i didn't taste them, but i can TELL they're perfect).

the moral of the story, i guess, is: don't sort of stir-fry a squash. roast it instead. or keep it as a table decoration until it sags, then throw it in the composter.


Anonymous said...

Oh dear! I thought it looked pretty good and I was going to try it. Lucky that I kept reading!

Anonymous said...

oops, sorry about was a really long time ago....think maybe it was just rotten??

Liz Woodbury said...

well, i don't think so -- it didn't taste off, so much, as just wrong for that cooking method. have you ever chopped and sauteed an acorn squash? maybe there's just something about it that makes it end up rather mushy/stringy, and not properly absorbing the lovely curry sauce..?