Thursday, October 05, 2006


for the song(s) you'd most like bean to learn on her ukulele. there's no guarantee that she'll do it, but what the heck? can't hurt to ask, right?

my votes:

don't pull your love, hamilton joe frank & reynolds
heaven, the talking heads
a king and a queen, okkervil river
brandy, looking glass
everybody's gotta learn sometime, beck
a better son/daughter, rilo kiley


Anonymous said...

You know you're really totally out of it when you don't know a single one of the song choices! I like to hear her play anything at all, and I hope she'll be performing at the CBHS craft sale coffee house on November 18!

Liz Woodbury said...

you would totally recognize a couple of those if you heard them. and the beck song is from the "eternal sunshine of the spotless mind" soundtrack.

Anonymous said...

how about some old rem...shiny happy people?

Anonymous said...

i'm sooo glad that mamma d said that cause it makes me feel not so old and out of it to know that we share this lack of familiarity with song titles (actually, i don't know bob dylan's songs by their titles, either) anyway, i know i like rilo kiley, so i vote for that one! or any other one she might sing !!