Sunday, October 15, 2006

trade show madness

look what m's doing right now, at the javitz center:

hawking our wares!


Anonymous said...

i love the posters that you made my favorite one is when boo and me are sitting behind the flowers on a rock did you put that one when i'm holding on to the view thingy(hanging off of it kinda and boo is standing on the poll thingy) if that made sense


Artemis said...


Liz Woodbury said...

i can't remember if that one's there -- you know when we showed you the two big posters (with many pictures on both of them), plus the two extra smaller ones, one with you and boo facing the camera, and one with your backs to the camera? m's using those same ones (they're expensive to make, so we're not making new ones right now).

Anonymous said...

everything looks beuatiful (& I can't even see the two handsome dudes ) bet they have the most popular booth!