Wednesday, October 04, 2006

glorious food

bean's lunch today: pasta salad with broccoli, sundried tomatoes, olives, and soy "chicken;" raspberries; tabbouleh; an apple pie lara bar; and chocolate silk.

boo's lunch: the aforementioned pasta salad, minus the sundried tomatoes and olives; some chedddar cheese and crackers; raspberries; a green tea cupcake; and chocolate silk.

bean's lunch doesn't include a cupcake because she's bringing 25 of them to school today for a party in humanities. i'm eager to hear how many of her peers will try a green cupcake.

hey, speaking of bean, where the heck is her outward bound update, you ask! well lay off, she's busy! the girl's in high school, jeeze!

a few details, though: she misses being on the boat. she loved sailing, loved the food, grew to be quite fond of and interested in her crew members. she had a wonderful, peaceful time on nightly anchor watch and on her two-hour solo time on hurricane island. she believes that her outward bound instructors were the best ones there. her guidance counselor accomanied her crew, and it turns out he does some brilliant accents, including a pirate accent, in which he read to them from "the ocean almanac." there were low moments and lots of it was incredibly hard work and/or scary -- she loved it!!

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