Friday, September 01, 2006

what i've been reading

i highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in or concerned about the ethics of the food they eat -- including the cost to the environment, human workers, and animals. it's very readable, too, basically looking at the diets of three families (an "average" american omnivorous family; a family of "conscientious omnivores," who buy free-range meat and eggs and really think about what they eat; and a vegan family) and examining the sources of their food and the consequences of their food choices.

i'm tired of reading about factory farming now.

so i raided boo's bookshelf and read this book:

and now i'm on to the second in the trilogy. i'm really enjoying these -- they're exciting page turners, oddly creepy, with a perfect heroine and many underlying layers of meaning. they don't read like kids' books at all (and actually, i think they're aimed more at "young adults," although boo is absolutely in love with these books).

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