Wednesday, September 27, 2006

we're feeding boo

lest you think we're on a forced hunger strike while bean's away, here's evidence that boo is being fed. today he has his usual fare, pesto, provolone, lettuce and veggie bacon on ciabatta; cucumbers; very vanilla silk; and a wheat-free chocolate chip cookie i made as an experiment. they came out pretty good (made with oat flour), but a little too weird tasting to sell in the store, i decree.

if i could post photos of what bean's been eating, i'm guessing there would be many cans (of beans? creamed corn?), trail mix, water, and...?

yesterday boo took a mental health day from school, following a day of slight trauma caused by the live dissection of a lobster in science class. although the lobster professional assured them that lobsters don't feel pain (quite possibly true, but also a very convenient stance for the lobstering industry), boo was troubled by seeing its innards (including its beating heart) and blood (clear). i hope the experience inspires his classmates to pursue careers in marine science rather than inspiring them to kill live animals because their insides look cool.


Artemis said...

actually they have mac and cheese, not too many canned stuff, there is corn chower, i heard that it was good but i didnt eat it because that was the day i was um....sick. she is probably well fed. there is no meat by the way, meat? on a boat? ew.

Liz Woodbury said...

it's so good to have an expert to reassure me that my girl will survive!!

Artemis said...

well in a year she will definetly look back on this and say "im glad i went!" at least, it took ME a year