Thursday, September 21, 2006

like the song says,

when i went to work, i blogged there instead.

so, here i am working at cbb. it's been a morning of nothing but special needs customers, one of whom is talking to me right now while he reads a book by h.g. wells which he just purchased for $1.00 from me. "there are the same number of letters in the words 'vermont,' 'transit,' and 'greyhound (sic),' he's just told me. "and the words 'vermont' and 'transit' are very handy, very handy words, and there are various permutations, all of which have seven syllables and 26 letters." earlier, he asked me if i'd ever seen anyone fire a gun "very very very fast? or knife throwing, at a live wild west show?" "no," i said, "i never have." "i couldn't do it," he said, "it's not in my nature."

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Anonymous said...

how many letters in psychotic?

I just LOVE maine!!!