Monday, September 04, 2006

happy labor day

first of all, r.i.p., crocodile hunter. it seems ironic that after all those years playing with crocodiles, it was a stingray that did him in. crikey.

it's been a bittersweet labor day weekend, as always. it feels like late october suddenly, rather than the last weekend of summer. and in the world of retail, of course, labor day is a day like any other (for math professors, too, alas). bean did get a chance to do some summery activities on saturday, though; she camped overnight in harpswell with her friend jukado, and even got to go kayaking and sailing! last night she and boo slept over at jukado's house and mark and i went to the new greek restaurant in town, which we rated as very so-so. there's not much veganish in the greek repetoire, and we both had falafel, which had an interesting undertone of gingerbread. granted, it's a greek restaurant and not a middle eastern one, but we have not found the falafel of our dreams. i kept musing about the amazing homemade pita bread they serve at egyptian pizza, while dipping my store-bought pita into a pile of (decent) hummus.

and so my days of sleeping in until 8:30 are numbered. we have a few last minute school supplies to buy (kleenex, pencil sharpeners, $80 graphing calculator), a little vintage clothing store shopping to do for those quirky back-to-school accessories (boo is dying for a newsboy cap, for example), and we need to make a trip to the grocery store to assemble the ingredients for the world's most fabulous lunches, to put in the world's most fabulous lunchboxes! school starts on thursday, and our whole family will have a completely new schedule due to the fact that bean is attending a completely new school and boo will be traveling to his same old school on a completely new school bus (new to him, anyway). so instead of moseying out the door at 8:30, one of us will be driving bean (and jukado) to school around 7:15 and the other will be sending boo to the bus stop around 8:00.

answer to the question everyone's been asking: yes, the sweatshop IS open on labor day!!

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