Monday, August 21, 2006


no word from bean for a couple of days -- i think she's in london today, possibly visiting the british museum. or perhaps that was yesterday? and i know one day she and auntie j went shopping in london while adam and the kids went to a science museum. she loved stonehenge, and the ancient bed and breakfast (which was in a town founded in the 1200's).

more baking today, and i have lovely photographs to share, but blogger is being pigheaded. i made some jumbo chocolate chip cookies and some slightly sticky coconut cupcakes with slightly drippy icing (not sure how they'll do at the store, unrefrigerated -- i may just take a couple over).

: blogger's behaving itself now, and it will allow me to show you this photo of scrumptious chocolate chip cookies:


Blue Fairy said...

those look soooooo yummy. i am on the south beach diet and have no right to carbs, sugar, is agony. is working. so i'll just drool at the screen for a while if you don't mind.

Liz Woodbury said...

of course. and by the way, i'm certainly not advocating chocolate chip cookies, but here's one reason i have problems with the south beach diet.

Anonymous said...

i tasted the chocolate chip & it was SCRUMPTIOUS !!you betcha!!!

Anonymous said...

I just checked out your objection to south beach diet & don't quite agree. although I just skimmed it, it seems to confuse south beach with atkins. South Beach is NOT as weird & fat-full as the atkins diet & my very sensible family doctor friend & neighbor has advocated & used it. My understanding of South Beach is that (like Dr Weill, they consider the glycemic index of carbs rather than eliminate ALL carbs)

Liz Woodbury said...

i agree that it's not as bad as atkins (though the first 2 weeks are pretty much identical to atkins, and the advice thereafter is "if you start to gain weight, just go back to the first phase," i.e. the atkins phase). still, just the fact that he recognizes that there are good carbs doesn't mean the ratio is a healthy one (on south beach, he recommends eating about 14 eggs per week, for example). check this out.