Monday, August 14, 2006


m, bean, and i went to boston and retrieved boo on saturday. here he is descending from his gate at the airport with adam!

we had a full 24 hour vacation in cambridge with mom and dad, starting saturday night, when we ate a delicious ethiopian feast at asmara, which we discovered right in central square. sunday was a gorgeous, sunny day, and we walked across the charles and strolled on newbury street. we ate lunch at trident bookstore, then headed to copley square to check out the new barneys store there (where adam actually made a fabulous purchase -- a gorgeous brown corduroy jacket. other than that, it was like visiting a clothing zoo, just admiring the exotic breeds).

bean (foreground), boo, m, and adam crossing the charles

my mom demonstrates the fact that she is the exact length of a smoot. sorry, mom, i didn't stand back far enough to get your entire smoot in the picture. we'll have to try this again.

finally, m, boo, and i left late last night in order to get home for work and camp (this week boo does scottish dance camp). bean and adam's original flight was cancelled, so they are flying today at 6 pm. the bad news (aside from missing one day on the isle of wight) is that they really truly can't carry anything on board, but the good news is that they'll have individual seat-back video screens with movies and tv and also asian vegetarian meals to keep them entertained. i will feel utterly calm as soon as i know bean's arrived in the uk, but i'm a little anxious now, mostly about their flight's schedule and hoping it actually exists and that they can get seats at least near each other. i am so excited for bean, though!


Anonymous said...

a smoot is......? for those of us too lazy to check

Liz Woodbury said...

according to wikipedia, "the smoot is a nonstandard measure of length created as part of an m.i.t. fraternity prank. it is named after...oliver r. smoot...who in october, 1958, was rolled head over heels by his fraternity brothers to measure the length of the harvard bridge."

yeah, i'll have to take care of that when i get back to cambridge! i'm sure mom will oblige.

Anonymous said...

I'm proud to say I know about smoots, but I would never have guessed that your mom measured one smoot! Also, Bean looks fabulous in her skinny jeans pre-flight!