Sunday, July 09, 2006

tea party

bean prepared us an elaborate tea party today, complete with an amazing green tea/vanilla cake, rooibus tea, and fresh spring rolls. we had similar spring rolls for dinner last night -- after months of searching, i found rice paper wrappers at sun market, and it's so easy to make a tasty pile of these. just soak the wrappers a couple at a time in hot water (just a minute or two), then lay the wrapper out and assemble whatever inside (we used thinly sliced veggies, thai baked tofu, chopped peanuts and chopped cilantro), fold up the bottom, fold in the sides, then roll as tightly as you can and end up with the seam side down. we also made a tasty peanut sauce to dip them in. this was such a luxurious tea than none of us is hungry for dinner tonight.

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Artemis said...

that was yummy cake! she has a talent, that zoe!