Monday, July 31, 2006

prescription: duct tape

hey, ever gone to the doctor and left with a prescription for duct tape?? today, i took bean to her pediatrician to finally do something about a few warts she's been hosting on her feet. dr. chris and his ever-present med student "helper" (today it was dr. kate*, who seemed like someone who might work at cbb -- twenty-something, nose ring, very sweet) gleefully attacked those suckers with an industrial-looking freezing device. then they sent us home with instructions to buy some duct tape and tape 'em up.

*a vast improvement over dr. dan from boo's ear infection last year -- dr. chris unwisely handed the earwax cleaning device over to the neophyte dr. dan, who managed to get both boo and me (as well as himself) utterly soaking wet, as he attempted with trembling hands to flush wax from boo's ears.


Anonymous said...

this is isaac! again, you are accusing innocent people with things that they did not do! he was not trembling and he asked if i wanted to take all my clothes off, do you have any proof that dr. chris would be any better?

Liz Woodbury said...

i can't believe you're defending DR DAN!! his hands were shaking, i swear it! and i bet you anything dr chris would've done a much better job, although you're right, i have no proof.